Sudanese American Community's Vision 

The Sudanese immigrants came from a country with deep rooted civilizations which go
back to many centuries ago. A civilization that accepted new ideas and new communities, Christianity and Islam, as a example are embedded into that community and we now have what is known as the Sudanese people. Sudan is a multicultural community. From that comm- unity some of our community immigrated to the United States carrying  a precious inheritance. These core values and principles are our guidance to build a better SUDANESE AMERICAN COMMUNITY IN GREATER PHILADELPHIA AND  ENTIRE UNITED STATES. 


 The Sudanese American Community in Philadelphia is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3). In Arabic we call it (ALjaliya), it considered one of the most rapidly growing community among immigrants' communities in the USA. From a small base in early 80's to over 2500 immigrants and their children (the first generation) in recent years. They resided in the area of Greater Philadelphia. To integrate this number of people into their new community, we established ALjaliya in 1985 to :


Preserve and promote the Sudanese American  Community,  culture and traditions.
Serve the needs of the Sudanese American Community in the Greater Philadelphia,
Provide a forum for free exchange of ideas on issues concerning Sudan to promote a better understanding of the Sudanese culture in    the United States. 
Organize functions which promote social interaction and understanding between members and their community in the United States.
Help the Sudanese newcomers to obtain the right documentation, education, housing and to find a suitable job for each of them to start being independent in their new community.
Help the new immigrants to learn the English language for the people who are ESL, in our community classes.
Preserve the culture of our community by teaching the children the language, customs and traditions through the weekend schools and through the national occasions and festivities.
Pursue the development of our community economically, educationally by encouraging the youth to graduate from universities and to find good high-paying careers in the marketplace or establish their own small businesses.
Sponsor the sports and national events in the city and outside the city, and encourage the youth to   participate in it.



Please watch this video, and see how we celebrate success, also you can check out our channel in youtube for more video about our activities, occasions, and sport events.our photo gallary  in this link Gallary and more in our website.share your experience with friends and your contacts list.

Sudanese American In Philly
الجاليـة السودانيـة الأمريكيـة بفلادلفيا